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InReach's mission is to help LGBTQ+ asylum seekers safely resettle in their new home with resources like legal assistance, medical aid, food, and shelters.

To improve their service to this underrepresented community, they needed to integrate Foursquare API into their product and redesign their website and app.
Interaction Design
InReach (formerly AsylumConnect)
Sept 2020 - Jan 2021
UX Designer, Lead UX Designer
Whimsical, Figma
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“I was homeless for about three years because I could not find services for undocumented lesbians, work, or anyone who could explain to me how the immigration process worked and what my options were.”

Jacque, the first Mexican to win asylum in the U.S. based on sexual orientation

The problem

LGBTQ+ asylum seekers belong to a very vulnerable group: they are refugees fleeing persecution due to their sexual orientation or gender identity. When they are forced to migrate to a new country, they often don't have the means, the relationships, or the documents to help them navigate the asylum process.

the goal

To integrate Foursquare API into InReach app and website, merging their database of social media and photos in order to better connect and visually orient the users to the organizations listed in InReach.


asylumconnect process


Two user groups were taken into consideration: the volunteers on the Data Entry and Outreach team and the InReach users. Two flowcharts were designed to account for each user type's unique set of goals.
foursquare userflow
The design of the Control Panel required we actively communicated with the volunteers in the data entry team to test, iterate, and translate the flow into a usable and clear solution. Given the Control Panel was used internally, we did not focus too much on aesthetics.
The designs on the Organization page were public facing, so great care was taken on both usability and design aesthetics. We created mockups that responded to users’ needs while complying with InReach UI system and improving the outdated look of the app.


Updated organization page

new organization page

New photo page

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