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Mild Side

Andrew Makarian is an emergent artist who, in 2022, had just started selling his art: he very much needed a website to showcase his artistic portfolio.

The elements of the brand were designed hand-in-hand with him: my role was to design a minimal website focused entirely on his beautiful work.
Web Dev
the Mild Side - Andrew Makarian
Dec 2022 - Feb 2023
Sketch, Webflow, Notion
cool woman beauty
Andrew's work had some outstanding pieces with themes centered around strong characters and powerful female figures.

The nostalgic and evocative component was suggested by adding soft pink-through-blue gradients.


Andrew lives in Las Vegas - a city that's known for its boisterous entertainment.

In contrast with the city's energy, his work is pleasant and subdued. His art is meant to invoke feelings of nostalgia.


The minimal layout of the website and its simple content focused on elevating the art without unnecessary decoration.


The projects' slider was the centerpiece of the website and the core of the user experience.

It was critical to showcase the visual content with a smooth, attractive flow.


The art pieces were organized in cards for simplicity.

Pink tones and soft gradients compose the frame for Andrew's art.


Per Andrew's desire, the final website is minimalistic with focus on the art. Soft gradients were the key elements to frame the art pieces in a suggestive manner.

Similarly to the layout, the text was kept simple with thin lines to separate sections and define the borders of forms and icons.

The Mild Side now has a website to proudly showcase the work and increase Andrew's visibility and distribution.