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Irene Crisma

Irene Crisma is a certified professional from Italy with a holistic approach to nutrition.

Her original website was slow, glitchy, with multiple design elements overlapping text and images - her business needed a new website and a complete rebranding.
Web Dev
Irene Crisma
Feb 2022 - May 2022
Sketch, Webflow, Notion
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Irene contacted me because she felt her website no longer represented her and her business.

We worked together on refreshing her brand identity and improving the user experience of her website.
Irene's core values are health, kindness, and simplicity, so together we decided to give her brand a natural and zestful look.
Irene chose the pomegranate as her brand symbol.
The fresh and vibrant colors emerged spontaneously from the summer fruit.

Yellowtail and Playfair Display fonts were selected to stir feelings of playfulness and femininity.

Icons were specifically sketched to match the genuine feel of the brand.
The pomegranate was consistently used throughout her website.

Particular focus was placed on the shape of its seed, which was repeatedly use as design element.

The final design was simple, polished, natural, and feminine.
quote "Food can heal your anxiety, your fear, your sadness. Food is love: the biggest of all healing principles." Selene Calloni Williams